Palos Verdes & Beach Cities Real Estate Help Center 40 Years Experience Working For YOU!
Palos Verdes & Beach CitiesReal Estate Help Center40 Years Experience Working For YOU!

20 Ways I Help Sellers

• Free Consultation  I will inspect your property and we can interview
  each other to see if we want to work together. Your goals will be
  clarified and questions answered.

• Comparative Market Analysis  I will prepare a detailed computer 
   analysis of the market value of your property based on recent
   comparables to assist in determining  a reasonable list price.
• Combined Regional Multiple Listing Service(CRMLS)  Your property
  will appear in the 32,000 agent CRMLS and be seen by agents from
  San Diego to Santa Barbara and from Palm Springs to the Beach. They
  will earn ½ the commission if they sell it.

• Pictures and Video  Using a wide angle digital HD camera I will take
  up to 35 carefully composed pictures or video of your property and
  area to display online.

• Internet Exposure  Your property will be featured  on and over 100 web sites to which it is linked.

• Interactive State-Of-The-Art For Sale Sign  includes 2 Quick
  Response (QR) codes. Buyers who scan it with their smartphone
  will instantly access your house details, pictures and video WHILE
  THEY ARE STILL THERE!! Or they can send a text to get the same
  instant information. Either way, I capture their contract information
  enabling my follow up with them and feedback to you!

• Social Networking  The second QR code on the sign takes viewers to
  the  web site where they can also view your
  property, contact me, follow me on Twitter, view pictures and videos
  of your property on Facebook and You Tube, or use other tools there.
• Negotiations  My experiance will serve you well in my negotiations for
  you over price, terms, repair requests and other issues that may arise.

• Disclosures  I will assist you in obtaining and completing all required
  disclosure statements. These voluminous documents usually make up
  the bulk of the paperwork in the whole transaction.

• CD of Your Whole Transaction At closing I will give you a CD of all
  the documents of your file for your records.

• Electronic Signatures  I use a service called Digital Ink which enables
  all documents in the transaction to be signed online electronically. You
  simply "click to sign". It's Very cool!

• Inspections  In addition to my own visual inspection, I will be there for
  all inspections. 

• Termite  I will co-ordinate termite inspections, reports, and work.

• Advertise  I will promote your property to the public and other agents
  via print and electronic ads.

• Assist the Buyer’s Lender’s Appraiser  I will meet the appraiser at the
  property and give them comps to support the sold price.

• Lockbox  I use a Supra electronic lock box which immediately notifies
  me by text and email when an agent opens the box giving me their
  name, company, time showed, and comments they may make. I will
  share this with you.
• Escrow Coordination  Once under contract I will be the “captain of
  your team” of pros in coordinating every detail of the closing process.

• Communication  I am easily accessible via phone, email, or text.
   I promise to give you regular updates. 
• Open Houses At your option I will host broker's & public open houses.

• Staging and Fix Up Advice  I will offer suggestions on ways to enhance
  the appeal of your home by offering fix up tips and staging ideas.
  Referrals to professional staging services are available.
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