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* You are locked out of buying while saving for 20-25% down payment.

* You are worried that prices and rates will rise before you have saved enough down payment.

* You are unhappy with the home you can afford with the down payment you do have.

* You do have enough cash for a sufficient down but hate to part with that much cash.



The REX HomeBuyer Program. This unique, new down payment funding program is available to buyers I represent. If you have a down payment equal to 10-12.5% of the purchase price, and can qualify for a loan, REX will match your down payment by investing another 10-12.5% WITHOUT CREATING ANY DEBT OR PAYMENTS! EVER! REX down payment funding is an INVESTMENT in the property NOT A REVERSE MORTGAGE OR A LOAN OF ANY KIND. There is never any interest charged, nor do you make ANY payments to REX for up to 30 years!



Typically, you and REX invest 50/50 in a 20%-25% down payment and you qualify to borrow the remainder from a REX approved lender. In exchange for investing 50% of the down payment REX will share in a portion of the CHANGE IN VALUE, (UP OR DOWN), when YOU decide to sell, or the Agreement ends, as long as 30 years into the future. Upon sale:

* If the value of the house increases, REX receives it's investment back, and earns a return on it's     investment, and so do you.

* If the value does not change, REX receives it's   investment back, but NO RETURN on it.

* If values fall, REX earns NO RETURN on it's investment AND could lose it's entire investment which would then reduce YOUR loss. Either way you benefit!

Contact me now to receive full details, with examples, or for assistance with the FREE application.

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