For Buyers

What I Do
For Buyers

Free Buyer’s Consultation to answer questions, determine property features you want and don’t want, and decide if we want to work together.

Loan Pre-Approval Referral. I will refer you to trusted mortgage professionals.

Free Geo Mapping of all homes. View homes on a street map, via Google StreetView, via a drone’s eye 400 ft, or zoom Birds’eye.

Free Daily Property E-Mails. A custom list of all suitable properties will be emailed you with details, including aerial photos and video.

Buyer/Broker Agreement. I offer an optional revocable agreement explaining how we will work together and who pays the commission.

Home Tours. Most homes for sale have lockboxes and I have the key. By appointment with me, I will show you inside any property.

Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). To help you make a reasonable offer, I will prepare a report showing recent sold comps.

Write Your Offer. I will write a detailed, 12-page California Association of Realtors purchase contract for you with all contingencies you desire.

Free 1-Year Home Warranty Policy. I will get you a policy covering major systems . You pay a small, flat service fee for repairs or replacement.

Negotiations. Put my 41+ years of experience to work for you in negotiating your offer, counteroffers, disclosures, and repair requests.

Call Jim for help finding your dream house!

Seller Disclosures. I will assist you in coping with tons of required disclosures. These voluminous forms make up the bulk of your file.

Natural Hazards. You’ll get a report on the property’s proximity to hazards, like methane, ordinance, tsunamis, airport, flood, & even golf balls!

Contractor Referrals. I will refer you to trusted, reliable contractors to give estimates of the cost of work you might consider doing.

Inspections. I will recommend inspectors, accompany you for any and all inspections, and personally conduct my own agent visual inspection.

Repair Requests. I will prepare, present, and negotiate any seller repair requests you may have, based on your inspection of the property.

Preliminary Title Report. You will receive a title insurance company report showing a plot map, zoning, and a record of all recorded liens.

Demographics. U.S. Census information is available on any house, showing the area age, sex, race, education, income, weather, & crime info.

School Information Links to all schools, serving any home, are provided, showing contact info, teacher/student ratios, test scores and more.

Escrow Coordination. I will be the “Captain of Your Team” of professionals to assist you in the coordinating everything for you, until closing.

Communication. I am easy to reach by phone, cell, text, or email, 7 days a week. At close of escrow, you will have a digital copy of all documents.