Swap Home Equity for Cash with No Payments*

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Swap Home Equity for Cash with No Payments
for up to 30 years

Possibilities, Not Payments!

The UNISON Agreement allows homeowners with at least 25% equity in a home to convert up to 17.5% of the home’s current market value to cash to use for any purpose without creating any debt or payments! Ever!

If you need (or just want) cash, and do not want to sell or borrow, this unique financial planning product may be perfect for you. Whether you want to pay bills, travel, remodel, buy a car, boat, vacation home, or be able to give loved ones an inheritance while you are still here to see them enjoy it, you can now do so without borrowing it!

How It Works

UNISON will invest, not loan, cash equal to up to 17.5% of the current appraised value of your home. In exchange for that investment, you simply agree to share with UNISON a portion of the home’s future change in value, up or down, when you decide to sell, you die, or in 30 years, whichever comes first. You do not share any of the current equity, payments, tax deductions, nor ownership you now have. Upon sale you make a single payment to UNISON. If the value has increased, UNISON will receive more than it invested and earn a profit. If the value has not changed, you simply return the investment and UNISON earns no return. If the value falls, UNISON will earn no return and could lose its investment, which would reduce the loss you would have suffered alone. That’s it! Either way, you benefit and you are always in control.

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