The Secret to Selling Your Home for 10% more

Selling your home for the most money is not an easy task. It is best to understand the local trends in the market, the total cost of selling a home, and the best method of selling to meet your goals.

However, it is also not advisable to shoulder this opportunity on your own, hiring a professionally adept real estate agent would come in handy.

Getting the right price and getting it quickly requires a sound strategy.

Ask yourself:

  • Should you price your home lower than everyone else in the hope of selling it fast?


  • Should you price it higher with the conviction that you can lower the price at the last moment if no one bites the dust?

Here are 5 well-kept secrets that can help you sell your home for more money:

Price it Right

Nothing puts off a real estate buyer faster than an overpriced property. Select a price that serves both purposes- gets the buyer’s foot in your door quickly and maximises your profit margin. Also, if you have hired a professional real estate agent, you can entrust the price setting responsibility on him. Although, this does not necessarily mean that you stay out of the decision totally.

Get it in a top-notch condition

If you wish to gain a huge profit margin on the selling of your home ambitiously, make sure yours is the best looking property in its price bracket. Ensure that it stands out in comparison of the other properties. For this to happen, before you list down, you need to make all the needed repairs, have a professional cleaning done of your home so that it looks pristine. Upgrade the paint, carpet and fixtures. Keep an open mind and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to gauge and address any objections that might hinder the selling process.

Play the hiring agent field

Hiring the wrong real estate broker is the secret sale killer. Make sure you hire an agent who is totally informed, involved and approachable. Because once you have got yourself the ideal real estate agent, you can go through the multiple listings together with him, so you can become acquainted with the competition that falls into your price bracket and accordingly prepare to tackle the competition.

Another edge you get after having hired a professionally skilled real estate agent is the fact that he or she is just as inquisitive and dedicated to getting you your best deal. When the agent is resourceful, he or she ensures they cover everything needed including a comparative market analysis. This basically means gathering and analysing data on recently sold homes that fall into the ambit of your price range. These can also be called your home’s ‘comparables’ or ‘comps’.

Have a heart-to-heart with your agent

You need to ensure that you find an agent whom you can trust to do right by you. So if the agent pushes you for a lower price which you don’t think is justified, it is ideal to talk it out and for that to happen, the agent should be trustworthy and approachable. At times, their objective behind pricing a home lower to sell it is to get an incentive.

However, when you find yourself an agent with integrity and loyalty, he or she balances their needs with yours and hence comes up with strategies that work best in your favour.

Listen to the agent’s colleagues

If you hired yourself a professional real estate agent, the agent might typically hold an open house for his colleagues so that they can help you to arrive at a decision or best yet give their views on the price you and your agent have already discussed. The collective wisdom and experience of these real estate professionals can prove highly valuable.

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